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I spend far too much of my time writing. I spend an equal amount of time, however, researching and not just for that which I write of. I am a life long photographer though never a professional. I came to photography in the days of the darkroom and miss that cubicle terribly. There I was, standing in the dark with trays full of chemicals and alone with my thoughts. Kinky?

I was tracing down some code for a software named, “Writefreely,” when I happened across a blog where a sentence stuck out like a sore thumb, “The world will eat you alive!” I don’t think I’ve heard our predicament stated more succinctly before. Writing is one way I allow my head to peer into the clouds for a while. Sanity is not overrated by a long shot. Keeping it becomes more difficult as time wears us down, beats us up, and throws us away. I was going to add “spits us out” but this is a family website.

Long ago I began reading the Bible. It is a difficult book to understand in depth but says what needs be said right on the surface. Christ told us, “Be no part of the world.” It is printed there in black and white and in stark relief to what up and comer’s consider wise. An interesting sentence to say the least. What does it mean?

As best as I can figure over many decades is it means don’t make yourself stand out in this world in any way. Put a bit more defined, stay out of governments, corporations and entities that influence where this world is going. I guess I’m not the only one that thinks this world is going nowhere fast? Right, I thought so!

I wanted to jot this down before I forgot about it because I’m getting older by the second and, in doing all that I do, I forget my own name which is why my name is embellished on my forehead as the only tattoo I have. I have a few scars though, because I worked construction as a sub-contractor for many years after college.

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