Fruits and Veggies

If I did a commercial for healthy foods it would have the same name as most of Washington D.C. Fruits and Veggies and fruits doesn’t mean the slang word so common. It means IQ and purpose of doing right or wrong. Even I have to watch connotations at times so I define that which may be misunderstood.

And,speaking of misunderstood, how do these non-individuals get along with anybody? Talk about robots! They’re an army of mechanical brains and I’m not talking computer brains, I’m talking gears and not enough lube brains. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. Fools, dunderheads, turnips, roadkill, you name it it’s all there for this world to see on parade in goodness knows what kind of get-up. Sequins to be sure!

Rotten apple one spoils the barrel and this D.C. is a barrel of long spoiled fruit. Maybe there’s help coming from China? Biden has the Golden Gate open wide to you! Biden and Newsom. Head to the hills and take your guns. You’ll need ’em sooner than later. America will only fall from within.

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