On a Lighter Note

How do you like what Biden and his cronies on the left are doing to our country. When you watch this stuff you know that those folks over on that side track don’t have good intentions. Yet, and it is an amazing fact, voters keep putting these fools in office. In part, this is a generational thing. Young people have been fooled into thinking that America is bad and always has been. That America deserves to be taken down. On the other hand these young folks have no idea what history is or what it says about exploration and conquest as being the pattern of humanity since the beginning of time. It ain’t a pretty picture no matter which country or what epoch you look at in this entire world. Someone wins and someone has to lose. It just is and no apologies are ever offered in the moment.

The world is good for a piece of time and then turns ugly again in another piece of time. Always, the undercurrent of louse runs deep. Some call this louse the devil and others call it fate. If we could end cycles of imperfection we would all live in peace forever. As we are imperfect that ain’t gonna happen either. There is a word for this. A simple word not expressed often enough when we talk about human history. That word is “irony.” Irony is just the way of the world that exists behind the curtains. It is there awaiting its curtain call. When it comes on stage under the glare of the room lights it is dressed as a clown with smears of grease paint adding a huge smile and a bag of magic tricks used to dazzle the audience.

The audience is one generation of imperfect people with dreams of making the world better. The old saying from Scripture, “There is nothing new under the sun,” is unknown to this generation so on they go to make a better world. To construct a new house from rotten timber. Timber as old as the human race that has lain in a river far too long. The river of time that maintains the same course it always has. A river filled with the corpses of other generations who sought the new but only found the rot.

A new generation is on its way into adulthood. They will be tainted with things called “new.” They will buy a used car instead. An nice new but poorly applied paint job and an old and mechanically faulty undercarriage. So it goes and that, my friends, is the cycle of foolishness. All the while the clown waits in the wings ready to dazzle.

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