I came up with a definition for WOKE yesterday. We all know what this is: WOKE. An excuse for devil worship at its extremes and a dunder-headed understanding of people on the other. WOKE rhymes with YOKE and YOKE is what they’re trying to place around our necks. For our own good, of course. We certainly need our children exposed to pornography as this will greatly enhance suicide, rape, drug use and adherence to the dark forces at work in our world.

W.O.K.E. stands for Wrong On Key Elements. Those elements being the innocence of children which need to be exploited, a veritable slave force governed by the wealthy elites who know better than all of us, and the destruction of a nation which, in their minds, is completely corrupt when it is they who are not only corrupt but morally vacant. Ask yourselves, what kid of person would try to remove parental control of their own children? Morally bankrupt persons is who. W?hat kind of man or woman would think pornography is good for children (or adults) to consume at any age? What type of people would be totally for taking away freedom?

These are all harbored in the Democrat Party and are all sucking the life blood out of America. They infest our government like cock roaches and scurry into the dark places when the light is turned on. When will the time come for an exterminator?

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