A topic that needs explanation is mud. There are many ways to look at things but when it comes to what I call “government economics” we are speaking of a shovel full of regular dirt versus a shovel full of mud. I use this analogy because, after all, our government is taxing us to death while spending America to death and a hole in the dirt is where America is going to end up.

The government speaks of debt as what they are willing not to spend but they never tell us what they have already spent. Did you know our government has borrowed six trillion dollars from Social Security already? Plus, there is another fifty trillion dollars they do not speak of when talking about our debt. It is that money for wars and all the perks that have been expended over decades.

When they equate money to us they are talking about a shovel of dirt and not what it really is, a shovel full of mud. Same dirt, different weight. We’ve been played like a cheap harp purchased at a garage sale.

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