I thought I would take a little poke at accepted norms. Norms such as men being different from women. Or kids needing desperately to be sexualized at earlier and earlier ages. It really is stupid to object to this as norms change just as nations, once proud and strong, decay and disappear into the dusts of time; e.g. Rome. When it comes to norms there are no rules just as there are no rules that a once self-disciplined people who could win world wars has to remain strong for this world. In essence, there is no good reason that a nation can’t go from strength to a mewling presence in a straitjacket mewling and drooling in some dark corner of an asylum. You see, rules are made to be broken.

The person who first stated this #1 rule- “Rules are made to be broken,” had a point. A point which probably protruded from under his hat. That point was, there are really no norms just as there is no steady wind.from the south. Rules change don’t they? Of course they do and it is the smart among us who change those rules. After all, rules are only good for those being ruled. Morphology is the term for rules, norms, rulers.

There is one rule, however, that seems to dominate history. That is the rule of eventual decay brought about by perversion. When perversion is an accepted norm there is no tomorrow. It is the Sodom and Gomorrah rule. Pillars of salt are what some women become following this rule. It’s really kind of funny isn’t it? Riotous in form and divisiveness perversion strikes at both the heart and the soul but only after the mind succumbs. An illness born of devilry brought by the form of a serious loss of self-discipline or, here is an old term for you, righteousness. Is Joe Biden righteous? Does he follow, strictly, the laws of God? Does anyone in Washington now follow the laws of God? Oh, hell no! We follow norms. We’re hip, cool and full of selfies. Who has time to worship anything but ME.

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