Olde Pharte

Look! No, not there, right here! Yep, I’m an Olde Pharte and I’ll spell it anyway I like. I’ve been going on and on here and you have no idea who the hell I am. Let’s leave it that way, huh? Calliope rides are for weaklings and, wait, where’d that come from?

Let’s start over. I believe I told you I’m a vet? A vet who barely survived himself and that, my readers, is a longer story than you’re up for. What almost being killed did for me is to loosen me up about most things other than politics. And, yeah, my back will never be the same. Oh well. The reason I am angry at politicians is they’re supposed to act like they’re older than twelve and have just stolen someone’s ice cream cone. There they go, running down the street yelling, “Nya, Nya!” at us. Even bad old Pelosi didn’t act her age. She and I are about the same but at least I got some common sense about helping others in all this time. Hell, I go down the street a couple times a month to help out a lady with her husband, also a vet. Trouble is he weighs about 250 and when he falls this olde pharte ain’t gonna get him up without some kind of help. I tried.

So it came to mind that there’s a lot of people in America who would be better off in China. Being told what to do rather than to bring China here and tell grown ups what to do. The people of China don’t deserve what they have but in all these centuries they’ve never had a chance to have a voted for government. I think they’d like a government like ours used to be but that’s strictly a guess on my part. They’re danged smart people though. Except that government smart means taking from and giving little to people governed. It’s always the same, given time. We’re due for an overhaul here because our oil hasn’t been changed in about 75 years. That takes us back to when I came along and the world has never be the same. I don’t take all the credit for this either. I served my time.

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