One Word Only

OK, I want to speak about name calling. When one breaks it down the unifying factor we all have is human. Can we ever get that straight? Far be it from me to tell anyone I am innocent of name calling. But to call people “racist,” bigot, or any other dumb term is to deny their humanity out of ignorance. There isn’t a name anyone on Earth has called anyone else that doesn’t equally apply to the one who called the name first. It’s just that some are better at being what they’re called than others.

Take old Donut Fred. He is about 300-350 lbs. He waddles around the bakery eating crumbs of donuts and pastries left by others. He is a slob, a fatty, and a dolt. Well, scratch that, maybe he is just a human in misery. Does anyone see that? Maybe one or none. How about a city kid who breaks and enters and points guns at people just for fun? Is he a punk or is he one who has mental problems. Probably he is a punk so don’t tax the rest of us with mental problems when he murders another innocent human being. String him up! Scratch that, gently bend him back into society by letting him skate free for that murder.

Human. We’re a motley lot when the chips are down. Downed chips also bring the best out in us. Right now the chips are getting lower than I’ve ever seen them. Search for the best in each one you meet and help them bring it out. That’s one way to straighten this mess out. Or, just arm yourself and protect those you love? It all comes down to personal choice. Personal choice is based on judgement and judgement is based on life experience and intelligence. That last is what I am looking for.

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