Right, Left

Who da thunk? Words are rather changeable aren’t they? Opposite words like right and left sometimes end up, after centuries of use, saying something completely different than their original definitions. I will avoid the basics because even a person who has graduated 8th grade knows what those words signify; in their original context.

I would never have thought, growing up, that we would have a party system of right and left. If you use those words for direction, “take a left at the green Chevy,” you wouldn’t think you were turning onto a street named, Soft on Crime from a street named, Open Borders. It makes no sense in the reality of human experience to have either one of those streets. How about a street named, We All Get Along or We All Support One Another instead of a street named, Shut Up And Do What You’re Told, I Know Better Than You!

If the above were the case anyone with sense would always take right turns. A change of destination, because some of you are thinking right turns only will force you to go in a circle, happens depending on how far you go straight before you take your next right. Personally, this is how I drive but I’ve never managed to get out of town. At least, not yet because I refuse to take left turns. Turning left leads to death.Or, so it seems in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and parts leftist.

But hey, ain’t it a blast!

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