Here From Where?

I could put this another way: How’d we get here from there? Adverbs and pronouns rock! Speaking of rock, what is in Joe Biden’s head? I could have sworn I saw a moth fly out of his left ear a week ago! Is there another country that would like a well used president? I will pay the airfare if you want him. Except if Mexico wants him as they have a lousy drug cartel purchased president as it is. Speaking of, is Biden on drugs? He appears, given the state of our border, in the pocket of the drug cartels so it might fit in an off-handed sorta way.

Where am I going with this? I really don’t know but when I get there I will tell you how the bus trip was. Several years ago I took the train from where I live across the U.S. to Washington D.C. I rolled through all of this country and was absolutely flabbergasted at how large, varied, beautiful, rugged it is from a train. The only time I have traveled as much was in the Navy. From San Diego to Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin) to Japan to the Philippines to Hong Kong to Australia, New Zealand to Tasmania. We made a brief stop in Pago Pago also. That’s the Pacific, Indian, and Antarctic oceans all rolled into one tour of combat. Nine months at sea with brief stops in a few various and sundry ports of call.

It wasn’t until I got out, about twelve years later, that Biden ran and got elected to the Senate. You gotta hand it off to dull witted voters, right? Who else put him on this track to destruction of an entire nation? It sure as shit wasn’t me!

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