Been Down So Long,

-Seems Like Up To Me-

On occasion we all drop precipitously into slumps. With this dolt we have in the oval office and his minions of scurrying rats there is little chance to awake to blue skies, chirping birds and the smell of fresh cut hay. Instead, it is murder, bad national relations and an old movie called, “Ship of Fools.” If there is any good news, Lori LIghtfoot is out in Chicago. Her swan song should be”The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot.

If someone had told me when I was in Vietnam that this nation would drop into this particular well of progressive politics I would have asked them if they were on acid. There is no friggin’ way, I would shout at them, that America will allow this to happen. No way under sun, moon, and stars that this crap could come about. We’re too smart to let that happen. When I’m wrong I will admit it. This is why I hold no compunction about telling the truth concerning where America is. The sooner we understand what we have already lost the sooner the scurrying rats will be trapped and thrown into the Atlantic. The Atlantic of the unemployed that is.

When reveille sounds we all wake up and get out the disinfectant and scrub America’s decks clean. Salt water washdown of all weather decks. The sooner the better.

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