Is America Evil?

This isn’t a topic I am bringing up, it is a topic some are bringing up. That “some” have their heads placed squarely up their “*****.” A better question is: Is this world pathetic? The answer is; someways yes, other ways no. Or, we can pursue this another way. Are people evil? Some are, some aren’t. Are dogs evil? Some are, some aren’t. Is ice cream evil? It is if you eat it habitually but the ice cream itself has no capability to be evil. It falls at the feet of the eater.

It is understandable that people with immense social or mental problems look elsewhere to assign blame. The mentally ill are usually not considered people one should trust too far. Mental illness is reaching epidemic proportions in the progressive segment of our society. Just like Covid it is a sickness but this sickness has a cadre of media fanatics and propagandists in their employ. So did Covid lock-downs and masking.

Americans can be evil but America, the idea, is not. America is but an idea whose time may be running out if the left has their way. By the way, other nations are financing the left under the table to allow the creation of our downfall. I wonder which nation that might be? Balloons, anyone/?

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