-For What It’s Worth-

We are a fractious people here in these times. From my experience, being fractious is a luxury because when times get a little tougher all of this will disappear. In a way it could be said that this luxury of division is a product of too much leisure time. People who don’t keep busy do too much thinking and some spend their time making life miserable for others. I think back to what I heard as a kid concerning the “Roaring Twenties.” Now there is a term that applied only to cities as rural and agrarian people weren’t roaring they were working their hands to the bone just to get by. No, this trouble we’re having is a direct result of leisure and is city centered in origin.

If you add this relatively new digital B.S. in then you have people free to carry on as if there is no tomorrow and do what people would get in serious straits for doing not all that many years ago. A punch in the mouth is what a lot of these idiots need. A good hit in the teeth quiets most of these weaklings who mewl about color, sexual oddities, and stuff that is surreal and out of mind parlance.

This will all change eventually. Unfortunately this path they’ve put us on will lead to nothing positive so the hard times will eventually come down on our backs like a lead weight and crush this right out of the system. Starvation changes perspectives quickly and the weak die off and the strong, quiet types pull through. History teaches this with alarming regularity. Keep the larder full folks. Keep your savings up. “The times they are a changin.’ ” (Bob Dylan)

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