Oh, For Goodness Sake!

You mean to tell me you’ve never read the Bible? What’s keeping you? If that is true you have no idea of what this world is all about, where it came from (which is nothing, a void), or who you owe your life to. Yeah, your Mom and Dad owe their life to Him also. Follow that back as far as you want and tell me where the first human couple came from. The ether? Some ooze somewhere? Where did the ooze come from. Nothing? A void.

The Bible has been rebuked, cursed, put into fire, and torn asunder for millennia and it is still here. Why? Why in blue blazes is that old dusty book still here? More, why do so many live their lives by it? Do yourself a favor, sit down and read the first five verses of Genesis, the first book. Then, spend a few days thinking about it. You might begin to understand why so many regard this book as the only truth available in our time. You sure ain’t getting any truth from mankind now are you?

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