It Ain’t Easy

I don’t much care where you live in this world or what status in life you’re at, it ain’t easy. I’m no rich guy and I damn sure ain’t no famous guy. Neither am I a guy who wants any of the bright lights and fandom. Screw all that!

What I am is a guy who served in combat so that all those famous and rich guys could try to put me in my place all these years later. I carry the scars of war just like any one else who served and there ain’t a danged thing special about me. Except that I keep my nose clean. In other words, unlike these rich morons, I take advantage of no one as I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. The know-it-all’s call people like me suckers. That’s fine. We’ll see what comes out in the wash won’t we?

I look at places like Russia and China and think that if that’s what those folks want then fine. However, race and culture show no difference when it comes to power over others. That is where the line of separation gets so thin as to disappear. Powerful people assume they have it knocked and look at other human beings, just like them, as inferior. The others, those inferior, are looking like that because of what the powerful impose on them. You can’t make gold out of lead and you can’t make wonderfully dressed and educated people out of those you put down into serfdom.

You look at history and it’s always the same. If there’s one thing that never changes it is the powerful making life miserable for those they lord over. The Bible tells us: There is nothing new under the sun. In part, this is what is indicated. It might be a great and honorable change for some who put the Bible down to pick it back up and read it. Oh, and, yeah, I include church “royalty” in this also. You know, the ones who wear garments so fine that the poor parishioners have to sacrifice their health to have their high priests look so dashing in those expensive and money hiding cathedrals. Do you really think Jesus needed an edifice for Himself? He told the prince to give all he had to the poor if that prince wanted to follow Him. There is nothing new under the sun now is there?

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