Are Cops People?

One might think, from these dolt news channels, that cops are a little short on the compassion scale. If one knows a cop or two or, like I was, raised dwon the street from one, then you know that cops are, for the most part, the most genuine people you could hope to know. Some are good to a fault and want nothing more but to perform their function without problems. When was the last time some drunk got in your face? These guys deal with this kind of thing day in and day out. How they do it should be the question not why some go berserk and screw up.

The cop I knew was named Don Greer and he was a California Highway Patrolman. A nicer guy you wouldn’t meet. When I returned home from Vietnam I moved and had a deputy sheriff living down the street from me. Another wonderful person. It’s funny how the ones that put the cops down and defund them are also the ones who are dull witted and probably those who are hiding their criminal activities. Chicago for one. I won’t mention any names of governors though. No relation to Gordon though.

How is it that so many can be so stupid? You have to know that this is group think, right? Just a smidgen of common sense says that people who break one law will break many laws. Common sense went the way of on-time airlines with this government now in office. Old Mayor Pete can’t get out of the way of his own glib tongue and how did he and his wife manage to conceive a baby? It bears watching when people with mental problems make the rules,

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