Well, ladies and gentlemen, we all got fooled, bamboozled, taken for a ride . . . didn’t we? We all thought that all this devil thing was a bunch of tomfoolery and shrugged it off like a pesky fly. Then the world went to hell. Not just your city, town or geographic location the danged globe went to hell. Handbasket forgotten because it happened so quickly. Well, quick depends on your point of view. Say, 1914. that was the first time this world went to war as completely as possible. In fact, no nation was spared and right after that war we got the Spanish Influenza. War, rumors of war, pestilence. Now that was something else we couldn’t just shrug off either. Then the Depression came along and right on its heels World War Two, then the Cold War after we won a few of these historical contests and communism got planted in gardens around the globe.

Sure was a kick in the ass wasn’t it? Who’d have figured we could have so much junk drop out of the sky on our noggins all in one century? And, it isn’t over. Ukraine is perking along nicely, China wants Taiwan and Biden want us all poor or incarcerated. It couldn’t get any better than this could it? Kind of makes you wonder if the devil isn’t at work, doesn’t it? But, nah, there’s no such thing as a devil is there? Mayhaps there is and mayhaps there isn’t. Look around at where we are and answer that question for yourself. You might be surprised if you give it enough consideration.

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