Concrete and STeel

A nation is not an imaginary concept. Nor, is life. This world is built of concrete and steel, not computer programs. Were America a computer program then what our youth are thinking and doing would be fine. Calloused hands are what built America, not nerds in plush offices. Not politicians who are extreme or college professors who are out on an imaginary limb of some tree of sublime life they have imagined hard enough that to them it is their sheltered in place reality.

Toughness does not come from office work. It never has and it never will. Suits and ties, stylish dresses and coiffed hair did not this country build. It was hands, arms and feet running to beat the seasons so as to plant and harvest crops. Where oh where have we gotten to? It was raising children and knowing their value as hard working hands to maintain life itself.There was no ease of life for most. There still isn’t and life becomes more difficult the longer the nerds hold sway over us.The longer stylish clothes and coiffed hair are the norm in congress, the further away from reality we are all taken. A forced ride into the surreal of melted watches hanging from tree limbs and strange animal species imagined but not created.

It is concrete and steel which is the true America. The rest of this nonsense is bilge from fancy restaurants and too much leisure. Far too much money in to few hands. Next stop: slavery.

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