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For as long as I have dreaded consideration of it, I sat down yesterday and went to a place I didn’t want to go. This is a place that is unimaginable yet seems to be but one misstep away from us, a war on our homeland, directly in our country. I believe I know how it will start and that makes it almost tangible and, therefore, abominable. There are actually a few ways that this may go and one is an internal or civil war. The other is a war brought to our shores from say, the east. Where a war might start is more difficult to divine. Perhaps South America due to the influence being fostered there by an enemy of ours or perhaps even Europe once again.

The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans no longer stand between us and war as they did for a couple of centuries and we are vulnerable to attack should some madman somewhere release fire on us from across the world. This is what I grew up fearing during the atomic age and it has only gotten worse as the world dynamic of nuclear arms has grown. When only two countries, America and the Soviet Union, possessed atomics was one thing. AS more and more countries figured out how to produce nuclear weapons the threat has grown exponentially. Now it is at a boiling point and may be just a matter of time before this horror is unleashed.

It is factor in everything political now. World politics has changed since the advent to nuclear arms as one country calmingly pats the head of another country and treads lightly around the truth of our circumstance. The truth of annihilation at the push of a button.

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