Accusations of Self

Some decades ago I realized that I wasn’t the smartest person on Earth. I think it was around three years old when I burned my finger on a floor furnace in our old home. Of course, I didn’t know much about other people back in those days but I did recall burning my finger, how I was told not too touch it, and that I went ahead and touched it anyway. You’ve done similar things also, right?

I have always known that I am far from the brightest mind, the most savvy writer, or mathematician. I am alive though and this journey between birth and death is where I have found a place to be content with what I am and figure out how to get along without hurting others anymore than necessary. In part this comes from an understanding of the Bible, God and His Son, Jesus. I realize that all of these I mention are rather unpopular now and it shows in our society.

I believe I was about five or six when I heard one child call another child a name of some kind and the child who received that name said: “I know you are but what am I?” Funny how some things just stick isn’t it?

Recently I have heard both myself and a good portion of the human race called racist. I instantly thought of the above quote and thought about it for a time. You see, that quote is rather open ended and more than a bit nebulous. “I know you are but what am I?” It sounds good at six years old but in its actual context doesn’t really get the point across. Is that quote asking another who just besmirched you what you are? He or she just told you what they thought you are.

As always, I went searching for a better term for this cat calling of ignorance by those who settled on “racist” to make their point and will live or die on that point of their attack. I came up with the title here: Accusations of Self.

No doubt others can come up with a better phrase but for now I believe this hits closer to the mark. When others who know you not call you something it must be something so familiar to their comportment that it is self-asserting. Thus I had an article to write.

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