Peanuts and Bacon Ice Cream

Sounds great on a Sunday morning doesn’t it? Go to your favorite little breakfast place (not McDonalds) and get a couple scoops of peanut and bacon ice cream. No? Sounds yucky? Have you tried it yet?

This is what college education is to us today. Granted college sounds much better than peanut and bacon ice cream right from the jump but isn’t that exactly what a good many colleges are talking kids into? You can call it peanut and bacon socialism and it tastes pretty much the same to those with their heads on straight. It tastes a little to red for most of us. Red is the color of what? Blood on the streets? To the worst of these blood on the streets is what they’re aiming for and it isn’t right wing people that are considering this. Most people on the right are condemned fro their belief in God and civility. It is the propaganda from the left that tries to make right winged people look violent. They are not. This fluff about Nazi denies that Nazis were what? Socialists. The “People’s Car-Volkswagon came from Hitler himself. A VW is a far cry from a Lincoln. No comparison in fact and call them what you will, people that are on the right are those you never hear of. They’re not actors, environmentalists and ne’er do wells. They work real jobs and have religious convictions which work to their disadvantage because they try to see the good in others.

It is ripe, this country, for being overthrown. All the propaganda elements, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS are in place and all are dutiful parrots (no offense to parrots) for the left now. All given a useless propagandized degree in idiocy, lies and video tape. That peanut and bacon ice cream is starting to sound pretty good now isn’t it. A little side Maple syrup and breakfast is served.

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