Just like a snowfield on the Great Plains most of the people in America are . . .well? What are most people? I think we actually have two kinds of people. We have those who get along and those who snip at every imperfection in existence; except their own. For their own imperfections history provides them with approximately five thousand tons of excuses for snipping at everyone else. There is a word for this and that word is: IGNORANCE. I could cite many words for this but this is a family website and I mean to keep it that way.

Question. How much does race enter into your consideration as to whether people are good or bad? The word bigot and racist and, for that matter, White Supremacist are thrown around like snowflakes in a blizzard. After a short time those words lose their meaning but there is no shortage of demeaning now is there? Demeaning is generally fired at people unknown to those uttering it to the point of drooling and slurring. Even the wonderful and ever meaningless pundits on news channels of little import throw them around with faces bent into contortions of vile knowledge of self. They know very well they ‘re full of shat. It’s a good thing they’re protected isn’t it? If they said that to someone they didn’t know in person they might well end up in a place they wouldn’t like.

Western Civilization was invented while people of every race were tribal. Western Civilization is deserving of much blame but, much more, the progress away from tribalism to a civilized society. It is Western Civilization that is the target of this crackerized pent up balustrade slippage of verbiage cast disparagingly on those things that can make them wealthy, if they want to put in the work. Work. Does anyone work anymore? People who work generally have no time for burning down cities. It is those with too much time on their hands that not only castigate others but riot and burn the property of those who work. To IGNORANCE I am going to add HYPOCRITE. That combination tells you all you need to understand about those denigrating all you hold dear. Violence from these is coming. The powder is dry and the consummate dictators of hate are roiling up the non-working sloughs. When will the fuse be lighted?

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