Were our world a perfect world there would be no need for secrets. Last time I looked, three seconds ago, this is not a perfect world and each minute that goes by our imperfection resembles more an infection. So, secrets are necessary. In fact, a nation without secrets is a nation invaded and taken over. Sorry, idealists, having no secrets is inviting war. It is the not knowing what other nations have which prevents war and, absolutely, it is a sad circumstance to be in.

I once was privy to secrets. I was in a a branch and job in the military which was hush-hush. What I did is called still, electronic counter measures. It means watching for and recording certain enemy emissions in the spectrum of radio frequency. When I left the military it was not without the signing of papers that basically said to shut the hell up about what I knew, Or else! It was those secrets that told us many things about the enemy and their capabilities, or lack thereof, which was only a small part of the overall picture which, the knowledge of, kept America safe. Surprises are what you aim to stop by keeping secrets.

It wasn’t that long ago that the left was decrying our keeping of secrets. They were full of it and they knew it but the ploy they used was to say that it was ruining our country. The opposite, as is always the case with the left, was true. In fact, had they known what our secrets are they would have done their best to have our nation thrown down by exposing what we knew, how we came to know it and the equipment and personnel who used those secrets. Thus, America would be naked and exposed to ruin. You can’t fight with your pants down now can you?

The secrets that Biden has exposed are as yet unknown. Likely, we will never know the damage this idiot has done but we know who was partly involved, given the money exchanged, and that would be Joe and Hunters best friend, China. What dos China know that Joe made them privy to? It is not the first time a spy has been in our midst but it is likely that the Biden family are agents for China. We might go further and say a good portion of the Democrats in power are also in on the take from China. If this is so, and I cannot prove this but to point out connections, it is likely that some need to go to prison. That type of institution which I signed documents in leaving the service so that I would not have to go to prison. Say it ain’t so Joe. You can’t, can you.

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